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Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc. Renaissance Works, Inc.

Creating a synergy between people, process and technology to help business owners create the perfect recipe for operational efficiency for their business


Setting Up The Dilemma/Problem & Part 1 of Solution

Getting structured for success is easier when you break your business, as a whole, into logical functional chunks; yielding a more ‘bite-size’ and less daunting approach to organizing your business. We have identified three main areas in any business.

Three main areas of business

  1. Sell-it
  2. Do-it
  3. Care-for-it



  • Marketing
  • Sales



  • Business Operations
  • Production



  • Back Office (paperwork and finances)
  • Focused on employees, compliance, etc.


Next Steps you can take TODAY to make your business situation better:

  • Suggested ‘Homework’ Exercise – make a listing of your business activities in each of the three main areas. List your “Sell-it” activities, your “Do-it” activities, and your “Care-for-it” activities.
  • Committing your business activities to paper, writing them down, will actually help you approach any needed additions, changes, or omissions with greater ease.


Karen’s Contact Information

Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc.
Business Location:  Torrance, CA
Phone:  310-378-8649
Pinterest:  kklogan1

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More about Karen

Karen Logan is a recognized expert in business productivity. She has over 25 years experience in corporate and small business arenas.
Karen provides expertise to help owners get their businesses systematized and positioned for growth.
Karen is a managing partner at Renaissance Works.
Karen lives in Southern California in the South Bay. She is an avid runner, enjoying the beaches and trails in her community.