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Today’s “Word of Mouth” Marketing:
How to Use Social Media in Small Business for Take-it-to-the-Bank Results

Inside This Book You Will Discover:

  • How to create the “Secret Sauce” missing from your current marketing message; turning your marketing message into a customer and prospect magnet
  • Why retaining control of your “Business Voice” in social media marketing is a primary business survival tactic
  • Where to find un-tapped treasures for your Social Media and blog postings that already exist within your business
  • Why social media can prove to be THE most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal
  • Where to start: making sense of what types of social media are appropriate for your business
  • How to, almost-painlessly, incorporate a social media marketing campaign into your regular business operations and not as “just something else to be done”
Word of MOUSE Book Cover
Coming to amazon 11-12-13

Author Bio

Viver Israel

Vivianne “Viver” Israel is on a mission to revolutionize how businesses develop their marketing messages; to yield: more leads, increased conversion, more new customers, increased customer loyalty and increased business income; while simultaneously better serving existing customers and those individuals in need of their products and services.

Viver founded a successful Internet Marketing business when the commercial portion of the Internet was in its infancy; also publishing two books on Internet Marketing: “How to Sell Your Books Online: A Step-by-Step Guide” and “Search Engines 101: A Website Owners Guide to Understanding Search Engine Optimization”.

Viver understands why many small, and large, businesses utilizing Social Media aren’t seeing ‘take-it-to-the-bank’ results. She has discovered what is missing from most marketing content and how to correct it.