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Welcome to episode one of the Word of MOUSE Blog Show; an introduction to our show.
I’m your host, Viver Israel, Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist of MIYPmarketing. That’s M-I-Y-P as in Money in Your Pocket Marketing.

What if . . . the customers / clients who need what you do in your business came flocking to your storefront, or Website?

What difference would that make in your life?

What difference would that make in your finances?

What would your business look like if that happened?

Does this sound like a fantasy, because it’s not what you are currently experiencing in your business? The ability to bring that image much closer to a take-it-to-the-bank reality can rest in a simple shift of how you develop your marketing messages and where and how those messages are delivered.
This shift that will result in:

  •  Many more potential customers discovering that your business exists
  • More of those prospects who have newly discovered your business wanting to learn more about what you have to help them
  • Developing those new potential customers into paying customers
  • Getting more referrals from both happy customers and happy “followers” of your business’ informational content

‘Word of MOUSE’ is today’s “word of mouth” marketing. This electronic re-expression of word of mouth travels at far faster speeds and is available for viewing, reviewing and interpretation at the incredible speed of today’s technology.

I am on a mission to revolutionize how small businesses develop their marketing messages to achieve those results for small business owners, like you!

So why call it Word of MOUSE ?

Word of MOUSE is today’s electronic, online social networking and mobile device sharing of word of mouth also known as word of mouth marketing.

It’s true! Word of mouth has gone electronic. Word of mouth has always been among the strongest forms of marketing. In today’s market, Word of mouth is no longer only a one-to-one or one-to-few sharing of a positive, or negative experience with a merchant. Word of mouth marketing is now, more often than not, a one-to-many, and many-to-many sharing via social media/social networking.

Word of mouth marketing is now email; it’s online customer review sites. It’s consumers responding to articles/posts on blogs saying what they like and do not like about things, products, services, and businesses. It’s consumers publishing their opinions on your business blog, if you have one. If you don’t allow comments on your business blog, consumers will post their thoughts on Facebook, and/or Twitter, and/or LinkedIN, and/or Yelp, and/or via a text message to friends, and/or on a consumer blog. Word of mouth has become “Word of MOUSE” . . . communication to many via one, or more, electronic mediums!

The word of MOUSE blog show is one way I can share our work with you, the small business owner.

Readers of our new book Word of MOUSE – Today’s Word of Mouth Marketing can also use this podcast and blog as a place to pose questions and communicate with other small business owners working toward those take-it-to-the-BANK results. The word of mouse book will be available on Amazon on 11/12/13. That’s Tuesday Nov 12. There will be an online book launching party from 1-3 PM Pacific Standard Time. As a book launch BONUS, anyone purchasing the Word of MOUSE book from Amazon on Tues Nov 12 is eligible for a FREE social media marketing consultation for their business.

I just finished saying how social media, when used effectively and strategically, is an incredible marketing tool for small business owners. IT IS!! But even the best social media marketing strategy won’t yield the desired take-it-to-the-BANK results you want, unless your marketing messages contain information your prospective customers are looking for; information they actually want and/or need. That is why Word of MOUSE Blog talks about more than just social media marketing strategies. We’ll include those pieces necessary to lay the strongest foundation for your marketing messages and build on those foundational pieces.

Which includes though not limited to

  • Really knowing who your target audience is
  • Knowing what problems and questions you target audience has
  • Discovering the difference between traditional marketing messages that speak about only the company and customer-focused messages that speak from the perspective of your prospective customer. Of those last two, would you like to venture a guess as to which brings more INTERESTED traffic to your Website.

Our next episode will begin the series: 12 Steps of Effective Online Marketing

12 Steps to Effective Online Marketing

Step 1 – Why Social Media Is YOUR Most Powerful Marketing Tool
Step 2 – Human Nature And Negative Word of MOUSE Marketing
Step 3 – Great Examples of the Power of Social Media Marketing
Step 4 – What’s Missing From Traditional Marketing Advertising
Step 5 – Anatomy of a Customer-Focused Marketing Message
Step 6 – Be Clear Exactly Who You’re Marketing To
Step 7 – Adding “Story” To Make YOUR Marketing Memorable
Step 8 – Boost Your Business Providing 1 or 2 Resources WITHOUT Selling
Step 9 – YOUR “Business Voice” What it is; why it’s important
Step 10 – A Sampler of Social Media Types/Channels
Step 11 – Which Social Media Will Work for Your Business
Step 12 – Working Social Media Into YOUR Regular Business Operations

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