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“SpotCast” – shorter, single topic excerpt from a full interview


From an interview with Elizabeth Hamilton, Owner, Pookie Galore Designs

Lauded as one of Houston’s top artists of recycled materials. Her work has been displayed in Houston’s City Hall and at many prominent green shows


Tell us about your contributing a percentage of your net proceeds to charity –

Primary reason:  I believe we were put on planet to make the lives of others better. One way I can to that is by providing money to charities
Secondary reason:   Once I started telling people that I was giving 10% of my proceeds to the Blood Water Mission, my sales shot up.  People see the tangible benefit of the purchase as well as the chance to change someone’s life.


The Blood Water Mission

  • Build wells in Africa and provides HIV and AIDS medicine to those who need it
  • $1 provides someone with a years worth of water. The majority of the money goes to the project and is not eaten up by administration.


Do you have any thoughts about what other businesses should consider when looking to adopt a charity for their business?

  • Choose something that makes sense for their business
  • Stay away form charities that are too ‘out there’ or too controversial; you want it to be something that makes your customer feel good

I learned that people enjoy the opportunity to be able to help other just by shopping. Not only do they achieve something nice for their home, wardrobe, business or nice gift for someone but also it makes them feel good to be helping others at the same time.

Once I started displaying Blood Water Mission’s marketing materials in my booth during exhibits and including, in my own marketing materials, that 10% of my net proceeds went to The Blood Water Mission, my sales shot up dramatically!


Contact Information for Elizabeth Hamilton

Business Name:   Pookie Galore Designs
Business Location:  Houston, TX
Website:  Coming this Fall:

  • Shopping Website
  • Website soon to become a lifestyle portal (recipes, craft videos, blog entries, and later, projected to offer works from other green artists)


More about Elizabeth

Multi-talented also works, on the side, as a freelance writer; script writer, even as a Program Manager .
Contributions include websites, blogs and the Facebook game “Mecha Galaxy”.
Most recent article and photographs, “Buying Vintage”, can be read in the April 2013 issue of ‘White Magazine’.
AND just launched her first book: “Deals in Las Vegas”. This ‘deals’ book is attractive and stylish, something that you aren’t embarrassed to take out to refer to on vacation. Available on Amazon as a Kindle Book.