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Putting It All Together

Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc and bestselling author.

Renaissance Works, Inc.
Creating a synergy between people, process and technology to help business owners create the perfect recipe for operational efficiency for their business.


Re-Cap:   Setting Up The Dilemma/Problem & Part 1 & 2 of Solution

Getting structured for success is easier when you break your business, as a whole, into logical functional chunks; yielding a more ‘bite-size’ and less daunting approach to organizing your business. We have identified three main areas in any business.

Three main areas of business

  1. Sell-it (Marketing & Sales)
  2. Do-it (Business Operations & Production)
  3. Care-for-it (Paperwork & Finances)

The three ways business gets done

  1. People – Your Team (an expanded view)
  2. Processes – The story of how business gets done
  3. Technology – The ‘tools’ of how to get business done


Now To Part 3:   Putting It All Together

How to implement what you’ve learned in Parts 1 & 2 to really get results for YOUR business.

Our 9-Point System has the three main areas of business: Sell it, Do it, and Care for it, EACH having the three segments of the way business gets done (People, Processes and Technology). Each of the 3 main areas of business has 3 ways in which that segment of business gets done, resulting in a 3 by 3, or 9-Point System.

To further illustrate: the “Sell-it” main area of business (Sales & Marketing) has it’s own 1. People, 2. Processes and 3. Technology pieces. Also the “Do-it” main area of business (Business Operations & Production) has its own 1. People, 2. Processes and 3. Technology pieces. And, finally, the “Care-for-it” main area of business (Paperwork & Finances) has its own 1. People, 2. Processes and 3. Technology pieces.

This 3 by 3 System breaks your business down into manageable ‘chunks’, providing a foundational structure from which to structure your business. Doing this elevates you from the day-by-day function OF your business to taking a more administrative and strategic look AT the function, planning for improvement and growth of your business:

  • thinking about your business
  • developing how you can better lay out a structure for your business
  • identifying which types of technology (hi-tech AND/or low-tech) makes sense to have a as part of your business to leverage, say, sales and marketing
  • what are the instructions; those processes for how business gets done predictably and efficiently which need to be developed to have stellar results every time
  • does each job, currently, have the right person/right personality assigned to it? Or has growth in the business created a need for some shifting, to achieve a better overall result for business success as well as employee satisfaction
  • identifying whether you may need to hire another person or should cross-train an existing employee
  • continue with examining EACH of the quadrants for your business operations and needs until you have completed all 9 quadrants

This system provides the framework for a business owner to evaluate his business and decide “what do I need and what is right for my business now?” This is not a one-size-fits-all plan. It is a framework to build a fully customized structure “for YOUR specific business!”


Question to Karen:
What are some of the problems a business owner could face by NOT engaging in properly structuring their business?

Karen’s Answer:  To name a few:

  • you may lose a team member who did had an excellent process in place for the job they did but without knowing exactly how they did their job. Leaving the business owner having to re-create how to do that job and then teach someone new how to do that job, from ‘scratch’.
  • you may end up buying technology that isn’t right for your business and costs you more than it saves.
  • inconsistent customer experiences. How many customers might you be losing already due to inconsistent customer experience


What is the one thing you wish someone would have told you when you started your business?

If I had truly understood the need for marketing and sales we could have grown our business reach years sooner.


Next Steps you can take TODAY, if you would like some assistance outlining or executing the solutions to better structure your business:

  1. Reading the book, “Structured For Success: the 9-Point System to Create Breakthrough Business Results” by Karen Logan for greater detail and widgets (tools) to make this process easier.
  2. Go to our Web site at and sign up for our Success Strategies Newsletter
  3. We have a number of workshops and coaching opportunities on our Web site that can help you work on the steps to implement your plan or help flesh out your plan


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More about Karen

  • Karen Logan is a recognized expert in business productivity. She has over 25 years experience in corporate and small business arenas.
  • Karen provides expertise to help owners get their businesses systematized and positioned for growth.
  • Karen is a managing partner at Renaissance Works.
  • Karen lives in Southern California in the South Bay. She is an avid runner, enjoying the beaches and trails in her community.