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Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc.

Renaissance Works, Inc.
Creating a synergy between people, process and technology to help business owners create the perfect recipe for operational efficiency for their business.


Re-Cap: Setting Up The Dilemma/Problem
& Part 1 of Solution

Getting structured for success is easier when you break your business, as a whole, into logical functional chunks; yielding a more ‘bite-size’ and less daunting approach to organizing your business. We have identified three main areas in any business.

Three main areas of business

1.  Sell-it 
– Marketing

– Sales
2. Do-it
– Business Operations
– Production
3. Care-for-it
– Back Office (paperwork and finances)
– Focused on employees, compliance, etc.


Part 2 of The Solution

The three ways business gets done
1. People
-Your Team (the expanded view): not just employees but all those who help you get business done—yourself, employees, outsourced personnel, vendors, your customers, etc. This includes caring for your team members.
2. Processes
-The story of how business gets done; mechanisms via which a customer discover/come to your business. E.g. how does a client come into your business system?
—Documenting this is the roots to developing your Company Policy & Procedures Manual
3. Technology
-The ‘tools’ of how to get business done; high tech AND low tech. Don’t underestimate a plain flip-chart for brainstorming. Another example, choosing ergonomic chairs for the office, to reduce back fatigue.
-Deciding WHICH technology is truly right for YOUR business.

Next Steps you can take TODAY to make your business situation better:
1.  Suggested ‘Homework’ Exercise – create three columns on a piece of paper and make a listing in each of the three ways ‘your business gets done’.
– List your Team Members
— Who do you have on your team?

– List your Processes
— How do you keep your accounting?
— How do you produce your company newsletter?

– List your Technologies
— What technologies do you already have?
— What technologies are you considering bringing on-board?
— If a business owner is REALLY, REALLY crunched for time right now and can’t go through listing all three ways they get business done, say they could only do one; which would be most important to do first, the ONE they should start with?
——Answer: start with listing your Team. Because, if your business is currently very small, or very new, you might discover that you are not as alone as you think!!

2.  Reading the book, “Structured For Success: the 9-Point System to Create Breakthrough Business Results” by Karen Logan for greater detail and widgets (tools) to make this process easier.

Tune in Again for Part III – Putting it All Together!


Karen’s Contact Information

Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc.
Business Location: Torrance, CA
Phone: 310-378-864
Pinterest:  kklogan1

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More about Karen

  • Karen Logan is a recognized expert in business productivity. She has over 25 years experience in corporate and small business arenas.
  • Karen provides expertise to help owners get their businesses systematized and positioned for growth.
  • Karen is a managing partner at Renaissance Works.
  • Karen lives in Southern California in the South Bay. She is an avid runner, enjoying the beaches and trails in her community.