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Celebrity Nicole DeAvilla of ND Yoga & The 2 Minute Yoga Solution

  • Master Level Yoga Therapist; completed her Ananda Yoga Teacher Training in 1984.
  • She has a background in Sports Medicine Research, chiropractic physiotherapy, dance and writing.
  • Nicole was one of the pioneer yoga instructors in prenatal/postpartum yoga and yoga therapy.  Advancing teacher training in yoga therapy and prenatal/postpartum yoga and private instruction to yoga teachers.  She also teaches students of yoga from beginner to advanced.
  • International Yoga Teacher and Program Developer
  • Also a published Author of two books:  “The 2 Minute Yoga Solution” & “7 Quick Tips to Squash Stress and Beat Back Pain”
  • She is a published Yoga Researcher
  • Host of the live show “Two Minute Yoga – Yoga Break”


Nicole has more books in the 2 Minute Yoga series on the horizon and has just launched two online yoga programs in September.  And we will talk about those towards the end of todays show.

Nicole also has a FREE book download for you:  “7 Quick Tips to Squash Stress & Beat Back Pain”; which she’ll tell us about later in the show.


What was the inspiration for starting your Yoga Company?

Started practicing yoga in college; later moving away from yoga.  The when my own severe back pain which led to pain radiating down my arms and legs, I went back to yoga and took yoga teacher training.  Then started teaching classes out of my home; which became the inspiration for my business.


How long have you been in business?

29 years


Business Challenge Finding Time for Everything

Finding the time to get everything done.  I used to wish for more hours in the day, believing that would allow me to get everything done.  Then I came to realize that if I could actually get more time, I would probably just take on doing more things and be back in the same situation of needing more time.

I was burning the candle at both ends.  Then

at one point I became very ill with pneumonia.  It was then that I finally realized I needed to change how I approach to things.  More importantly, I need to start ‘practicing what I preached’!


Which strategies/tactics and/or disciplines are providing you with the greatest progress toward mastering this challenge?

5 Basic Principles of Yoga.

1. Acknowledging what is

2. Self-study/Observation without judging ourselves.  Just observe what we are doing and what we can ‘weed out’ those activities that aren’t really productive. Eg. Staying up too late and night; becoming sleep-deprived.  Eliminating that behavior allowed me to be more productive.

3. Non-avoidance of what you don’t want to do.  Utilizing courage to handle the things that ‘nag’ at us; that we put off.  This repeated delaying occupies mental activity; which is itself draining.

4. Take care of yourself.  Eat healthy and exercise—a middle road—avoid extremes

5. Get out of our negative mood.  Be even-minded and cheerful at all times.  Acknowledge the negative for what it is then let go of it, shake it off and focus on feeling better.

Each individual has to make the choice to change.


Were there any other strategies/tactics you tried?

It’s a process.  See how things are but without judgment, change is a process.  If once make the choice to start slipping because you aren’t managing it all.  Just acknowledge the slip and get back to moving forward in your process toward change.

Meditation has also helped me.  Meditation does not need to be complex, it can be very simple, very easy.

The easiest mediation method:

  • Sit upright,
  • breathe and
  • focus on your breathing.  Not trying to make your mind blank.  Just choose a positive thought or affirmation and
  • focus on the breath going in and out of your lungs.
  • Start with just a few minutes

Which strategies/tactics did you try/utilize that were NOT helpful or actually caused more problems than they solved?

Trying too many tactics at the same time without a comprehensive strategy. Having a comprehensive strategy is the foundation for having a successful result.

Is there anything else you would like to share on the process to conquer finding time for everything?

A lesson from my mentor:  try to not be doing everything at once, have a main focus.  Focus on one thing at a time.

We don’t ALWAYS need to multi-task

Completion:  cleaning up my area after a work project is completed.

What was your worst marketing effort?

Starting two different programs, each at separate locations.  I thought the locations were far enough apart.  They weren’t so neither had enough traction to become successful.


What was your best marketing effort, to-date?

A bestseller campaign for my 7 “Quick Tips” book before it came out, under the direction of a mentor.


Is there a biggest regret in your business functioning or something you wish someone would have told you when you started your business?

Not knowing much sooner the difference between training under the direction of a mentor vs. just having training and education.  Mentors keep you on-track with what you are working to accomplish.

The difference in my business growth has been exponential since utilizing mentors in my learning.  Taking me from 1-to-1 in yoga studio to teaching to helping larger numbers of people at a time online.

What is the one best business advice tip you might share with fellow business owners?

Get mentors sooner vs. just getting training.


Where you can learn more about ND Yoga

  • Also links to “Two Minute Yoga – Yoga Break” channel on U-stream.  M-F 10:00 AM Pacific Time.  Opens with an inspiration, followed by a short practice then a short Q&A afterward.  Has a live chat feature so you can ask questions live.  Each episode is recorded and available 24//7.


What is new for ND Yoga?

  • – Just launched – Live private yoga lessons online: f or prenatal/postpartum and parents of young kids
  • Authoring New Blog on Inner Path Website, no specific blog name:  yoga videos and helping individuals overcome obstacles.


What is in the future for ND Yoga?

  • SOON—Starting online training for yoga teachers and therapists
  • Offer training programs for those who want to grow beyond 2 Minute Yoga


How can our listeners find ND Yoga?  


Go to:, where you can find links for:

  • The 2 Minute Yoga Solution Book
  • “Two Minute Yoga – Yoga Break”Channel on U-Stream
  • New InnerPath Blog



The 2 Minute Yoga Solution


Lots of research on what a large role stress plays in our lives.  Yoga helps reduce stress.  This book is about simple, basic, yoga that anyone can do.  And anyone can find 2 minutes to commit to deep relaxation.  And 2 Minute Yoga provides needed techniques to support them to stay with it long term.


The book lends itself to a series.  The next two installments will be focusing on: pre-natal then travel, coming in early or middle 2014.


FREE Book Download—

7 “Quick Tips” to Squash Stress and Beat Back Pain: Learn the Latest and Get Support to Feel Happier, Healthier and More

Go to

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