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Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc.

Renaissance Works, Inc.
Creating a synergy between people, process and technology to help business owners create the perfect recipe for operational efficiency for their business

Flowcharts are pictorial representations of a process.

The whole idea of not writing down your business processes:

  • Prevents your customers from getting a consistent experience
  • Prevents identifying areas of wasted time
  • Conceals errors that cause re-work

This doesn’t have to be complicated. Each process could be as simple as a checklist or bullet-point reference card

Write down each of the processes within your business. This will help you realize:

  • Opportunities where you may have waste or inefficiency
  • Where you may have a single point of failure
  • Options for delegation, automation or outsourcing


Karen’s Contact Information

Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc.
Business Location: Torrance, CA
Phone: 310-378-8649

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Upcoming book—working title “OWNERwhelm: 11 Strategies Business Owners Can Use to Regain Peace of Mind and Create Efficiency in Their Businesses”


More about Karen

  • Karen has over 20 years experience in project management, team building, education and leadership that has influenced her unique perspective on creating solutions for business owners—first starting with her business as the perfect laboratory!
  • Karen also has a mixed background of corporate and entrepreneurial business practices that has helped she and her co-founding partner to help their customers create solutions for efficiency, productivity and peace of mind.
  • Celebrating 10 years of incorporation. We took our many years of experience in the corporate workplace and translated it into our entrepreneurial dream. We love helping business owners unravel chaos, confusion or inefficiency in their businesses. It’s very rewarding and we’re excited about bringing good things to many business owners.