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Celebrity Fran Harris of Fran Harris Enterprises

• Business Explosion Expert
• Fortune 100 business consultant
• TV Personality
• Speaker
• Author


How long have you been in business?

Business Explosion Expert over last 10 years

  • Coaching in personal, professional and business development in Fran Harris helping hundreds of people, one-on-one, conquer their fears to achieve living their BEST life
  • Helping corporate executives and small business owners breakthrough their business challenges and/or self-defeating paradigms
  • Developing high performance business teams

TV personality for 20 years helping millions of clients


  • New book which launched September 2013 “No More Excuses, PERIOD!”


Top business challenge – “Disco Ball Syndrome”


How would you describe “Disco Ball Syndrome”?

Think back to an ‘80s Dance Hall. Disco balls are those huge, completely overwhelming, shiny balls throwing off colors; a giant ball of distraction. You can’t help but see them wherever you are standing.

I’m always having hundreds, even thousands, of ideas in a given day; ideas with deadlines attached to them. So many ideas is like a giant disco ball of distractions.

The challenge is not just what you would like to do but what you actually need to do and what you can seriously get done. Then prioritize those things that need to get done.

You have to ask yourself, is doing these twenty-four different things, getting me where I want to go. If not, then you need to step back and focus on something that will get you where you want to go.
You need to seriously ask yourself, “What can I do with mastery and get the results I want”?

Many will say the fortune is in the follow-up. I believe that the fortune is in the focus, the follow-up and the follow-through!


Has this “Disco Ball Syndrome” ever threatened the survivability of your business?

Probably. I will never conquer this but I continue to work at managing the Disco Ball of distracting ideas and possibilities. Even after stepping back and focusing, I still may want to pursue an additional idea; I know I can’t also do this myself; however, I can choose to proceed and hire someone else to do it.


Are there any efforts you utilized that were NOT helpful or actually caused more problems than they help solve?

There have been a couple of rare occasions over the last 21 years when someone I hired did not work out at the level which I needed them to operate. These instances did cause problems; however, Since I am also a ‘fast fire-er’, these situations did not last long.

Is there anything else you would like to share on the process to conquer “Disco Ball Syndrome”?

As a society we avoid the word weakness, believing that there is weakness in the word weakness; weakness in admitting you have weaknesses.

You have to make a shift in your paradigm shift about that word. Honestly, this can be why individuals don’t succeed to the levels they could because they refuse to acknowledge their weaknesses. They will actually allow their business to fail because they are too afraid or ashamed to admit having a weakness.

There is power is saying here are the areas where I am strong and here are the areas which I need to develop. You must acknowledge your weaknesses before you can develop yourself. There may be areas where you know you aren’t going to rise to the level you need; you can choose hire someone to take on that task, who IS strong in that area or someone who can “cover you” in that area.

Don’t be afraid of your vulnerabilities, they can be seeds of strength for you.


What was your worst marketing effort?

In the early years of commercial Internet, 1993, I
purchased a mailing list of women business owners. I sent out about 2,500 postcards but didn’t provide any way for them to register for my event. I just figured they would show up.

I booked a hotel room. The day of the event, the weather went from beautiful to 40 degrees colder with wind and hail by the time of the evening event. I waited for an hour. No one showed up. I realized how ludicrous it was to market in this manner; to people who had no repertoire with me. It’s crazy to market that way, it’s a waste of money.

After an hour I packed up my things and as I was leaving, ONE woman came in. She had come for my event. This woman did become a client; ultimately, she became my first six-figure client.


What was your best marketing effort, to-date?

I’ve had a lot of those. In 2008, I hosted an event, The Black Millionaire Summit. I built my own list and did pre-event tele-seminars–starting 6 months ahead of the event.

This time, mapping out an entire strategy around the event. Two months before the event the registration wasn’t where I wanted it to be so I decided to hire a well-known business celebrity to drive in more traffic. I also added radio spots about two weeks before the event with a call-in phone number. The radio spots drove lots traffic to the event even to the first day and through each of the three days of the event.


Is there a biggest regret in your business functioning?

Of course! My cousin and I often came up with inventions, great inventions, but we didn’t follow through with them. But we didn’t proceed with them due to being busy with other great things. Several of those things we invented ended up being developed by other people–they could have been ours!!


What is the one best business advice tip you might share with fellow business owners?

You need a ‘mirror’; someone who will reflect back how your market may be receiving what you are doing; what is right and wrong about those ideas. Not a “Yes” person but a true reflector. This helps you build a better business. I have a ‘mirror’; now for my Made for TV Academy. If I didn’t have that mirror to reflect for me before I launch something then I will be finding out what the flaws are once it has launched, not a powerful position.


Tell us about your new book, “No More Excuses, PERIOD!”

We ALL have excuses; we are excuse-making machines. This book is about your biggest excuses and how you are and are not getting past them. I want you to write this book with me.
The book will come out in January 2014—when everyone is making their New Year’s Resolution. This will be the first in a series of “No More Excuses, PERIOD!” books.

To learn how you can write this book with me, go to and look for where it says, “Write a Book with Fran”. Click on “Write a Book With Fran” to be taken to the directions for participating in writing the book.


How can our listeners learn more about Fran Harris’ Made For TV Academy?

Made For TV Academy — launching this Fall
This is Training for you in how to have an effective presence when appearing on TV and when interviewed on Radio. You can find information about Made for TV Academy at Fran

Once it has launched you can find it at

This is a matchmaking system for producers, bookers, promoters with speakers, authors, experts, etc. from my database of over 17,00 producers, bookers and promoters.

I know how producers think and I know what they are looking for. This matchmaking system will be used by producers bookers and promoters to find the experts, authors, speakers that they need while also helping those experts, authors and speakers get booked.

By placing yourself in, you put yourself on the radar of those producers looking for your skills/expertise. Attending will provide the training you need to present yourself effectively when you are booked onto TV/Radio.


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