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 Top Business Challenge:  Carving Out Personal Time (“Me-Time”)

Interview with Divya Parekh: Career Leadership Coach, CEO, and Founder for The DP Group, LLC.

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How has this challenge affected the growth/stability of your business?
Now one can ask a question, how does creating personal time relate to business? Personal time translates into relaxation, reflection, renewal of energy and business performance. Initially, I was able to keep up with the fast pace that a business demands. However, as time elapsed, I realized that I was not able to pay attention to details as needed. It was necessary to know when to step away from business work at the end of a day and carve out personal time to create balance between work and family.

Has this challenge threatened the survivability of your business?
Fortunately, not! Since I have always been a proponent of self-awareness, I was able to recognize when I needed to make a change. I went on a nature hike to get reacquainted with myself. I rediscovered the significance of self –renewal. Just like a car cannot run on an empty fuel tank, neither can I.

How are you currently progressing through this challenge? What has been most helpful?
I have started creating time for myself, even if it is half an hour a day for meditation or a nature walk. These measures have helped me immensely. Although, things are on an even keel most of the time, sometimes I do have a lapse. The key things that keep me going are: self-awareness with acceptance, resiliency to roll with punches, determination to keep moving forward and appreciation of life. It is important to know that learning and growth is a life-long endeavor..
This new practice led to integrating ‘nature walk’ into my business teachings–trying “walking meetings” and ‘walking workshops’ instead of meeting within the office space. The ‘walking meetings’ proved very productive and appreciated by those who participated. Some clients have tried “walking meetings” in their own business.

Which efforts did you try/utilize that were NOT helpful or actually caused more problems that they helped solve?
Trying to push myself beyond limits with a disregard to physical health backfired.


What were your worst and best marketing efforts?

Using mass email list. Since mass email went to a general list, I started getting inquiries that were unrelated to workshops. I spent several hours answering emails and decided that targeted marketing, where you focus on desired customer was the way to go.

Word of mouth and building relationships with customers. Word of mouth referrals come to you with an existing level of trust.


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More about Divya

  • Recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who as VIP of the Year for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in career leadership coaching
  • Recently launched the 111Project, toward building a global community The 111Project pledge starts out with commitment to oneself by setting and achieving one goal, big or small. And continues by sharing one’s smile to make someone’s day and performing one kind act to someone
  • Divya offers individual, group and online coaching with a service goal to help youth and adults alike unveil the leaders within them.
  • Divya passionately believes Leadership is a way of life and being; additionally, Leaders make our planet a better place to live!
  • Currently building a career leadership podcasting series in near future.
  • Spearheads Information Product Creation Focus groups from conceptualized ideas to finished information products.
  • Provides Speaking Engagements, Tele-classes, Webinars and Tele-forums and more!