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An Interview with Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc.

Renaissance Works, Inc.
Creating a synergy between people, process and technology to help business owners create the perfect recipe for operational efficiency for their business.

Top Business Challenge #1:  Keeping All of the Plates Spinning

I think that my professional ambition is similar to showing up to a smorgasbord and filling up my plate higher than what will fit in my stomach. As a business owner there are many hats we all wear and a number of daily tasks and special projects to complete in order for the business to be successful and growing. We help other businesses to get perspective on leveraging underutilized resources and we apply that to our business as well. However, it still continues to be a challenge that we meet with the best practices that we share with our clients.

How are you currently working through this challenge?

  • We constantly re-evaluate what we are doing and ask questions that help us to make decisions to eliminate, delegate or delay certain activities
  • Explore what functions might be beneficial to outsource or automate.
  • Distinguish between the functions as the business owner and business operator.  Business Operator – day to day functions of business.  Business Owner – direction for business, business 
strategies & growth
  • We have “huddles” 1-3 times per week instead of “meetings”; to gauge the temperature, the mood, of our business team and to divide up the work (business operations)
  • We have regular “2-week look ahead” meetings with the team every Friday to keep us in a proactive mode and keep communication and expectations clear for all on things and events coming up. (business operations)
  • A Daily Partners Meeting – for only the business partners/owners where we primarily cover “business operator” functions and sometimes engage in “business owner” decisions and discussions (business owner & operator)
  • One of the partners attends a Mastermind group outside of the business; meeting quarterly (business owner)
  • Consider exercising a renaissance in your business language, the “naming”, of functions/operations within your business/industry to liven things up

Before you identified what worked, was a time that threatened the survivability of your business? 

One thing, a few years back, we took on so many things that we had bucked up against our own capacity; approaching a breaking point

  • My business mentor in my mastermind group suggested creating “end-dates” for projects.
  • Learn how and when it is necessary to say ‘no’
  • MAKE time for your personal time, your health, your fitness
  • You have to be in top shape in all aspects of your life to be 
the best in your business

Were there any things you tried that were not helpful or caused more problems than it solved?

No, but something that we are particularly aware of that some business owners may not be is being clear on the distinction between delegation and abdication:

  • Delegation – but pay attention to the progress of delegated projects/functions
  • Abdication – delegating then neglecting to remain aware of progress of projects/functions

Top Business Challenge #2: Getting Known in the Marketplace

We have been transitioning our business from custom-based one- on-one consulting and project work to providing educational and coaching services to the marketplace of with Business Owners. We have a long, proven and trusted track record, however, it has been a smaller circle of referral-based business that has kept us going throughout the years. As we look to grow and leverage our expertise, we find ourselves getting to meet our clients in new ways, we need to find an effective way to also provide a one-to- many format.

How are you currently working through this challenge of getting known?

We are a learning organization and right now we’re on the fast track, learning about how to leverage social media tools. We are making friends through all sorts of venues – networking, classes we take and activities we’re involved with. I met you through a class, and it has brought me to this great opportunity to make more friends through this podcast!

Best Business Tip:
Write down each of the processes within your business. This will help you realize:

  • Opportunities where you may have waste or inefficiency
  • Where you may have a single point of failure
  • Options for delegation, automation or outsourcing

What have been your best and worst marketing efforts? 

Worst: no real bloopers yet

Best: still expanding in this new direction as previously everything was word of mouth; too early to say what is a best effort.

Since improving business functioning for other businesses, is what you do in your business, what are the top problems you see most often with other businesses?

The whole idea of not writing down your business processes:

  • Prevents your customers from getting a consistent 
  • Prevents identifying areas of wasted time,
  • Conceals errors that cause re-work 
This doesn’t have to be complicated; each process could be as simple as a checklist or bullet-point reference card


Karen’s Contact Information

Karen Logan, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Renaissance Works, Inc.

Business Location: Torrance, CA
Phone: 310-378-8649





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More about Karen

  • Karen has over 20 years experience in project management, team building, education and leadership that has influenced her unique perspective on creating solutions for business owners—first starting with her business as the perfect laboratory!
  • Karen also has a mixed background of corporate and entrepreneurial business practices that has helped she and her co-founding partner to help their customers create solutions for efficiency, productivity and peace of mind.
  • Celebrating 10 years of incorporation. We took our many years of experience in the corporate workplace and translated it into our entrepreneurial dream. We love helping business owners unravel chaos, confusion or inefficiency in their businesses. It’s very rewarding and we’re excited about bringing good things to many business owners.