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Historically, we know this as “word of mouth”. Social Media is the NEW “Word of Mouth” aka “Word of MOUSE”. Social Media is not a fad. While the companies providing the media (Facebook, etc.) may change, the world of Social Media is and mobile marketing is here to stay and will only grow more pervasive. And “Word of MOUSE” moves even faster than the traditional “word of mouth”! Join the “Word of Mouse” Movement!See latest WoM post

Treasured Wisdom

Do you know a treasure . . .? Those among us who have lived for 80, or more, years are quite literally “treasures”. Treasures of life experience. Treasure of knowledge NOT found in books or traditional learning settings, as well as countless insights to life, living, loving, suffering, tolerance, responsibility, etc.Treat yourself to some Treasured Wisdom . . .

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  • Why To Shift Your Marketing to Being Customer-Focused
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  • Why Using Social Media Channels You Can Own Matters
  • Where Treasures of Content for Your Social Media Already Exist In YOUR Business

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Viver Israel
Viver IsraelFounder and Chief Marketing Strategist

Who is Viver Israel?

Serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcast-radio host. Viver founded a successful Internet Marketing business when the commercial portion of the Internet was in its infancy; also publishing two books on Internet Marketing: “How to Sell Your Books Online: A Step-by-Step Guide” and “Search Engines 101: A Website Owners Guide to Understanding Search Engine Optimization”. When long-distance management of her Mother’s declining health became too much much to be effective for her clients, Viver made the difficult decision to refer her clients out to her competition and close her business

Starting again…
Viver understands why many small, and large, businesses utilizing Social Media aren’t seeing ‘take-it-to-the-bank’ results. She has discovered what is missing from most marketing content and how to correct it.